Educators, Motivators and Future Creators

We're leading the way in Business & Enterprise and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) education, developing the future makers and visionaries of tomorrow. 

Our 2020 strategic vision is to be Milton Keynes' leading modern educator, and we're turning our vision into reality with enhancements to our curriculum, new learning methods, technology and much more.

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Exciting plans

The Webber Independent is part of the GEMS Education Group, an international company with schools and education services in 14 countries.

Being part of the GEMS network brings with it amazing opportunities for both the school and its students, including links and opportunities with overseas GEMS Schools. 

The 2020 Strategic Vision, led by Mrs Hilary Marsden and the Senior Leadership Team, is in the first phase of its implementation. Our Strategic Vision includes enhancements to the curriculum, new methods of learning, technology and much more.

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