About Us

The Webber Independent School is a coeducational Independent School catering for children aged 6 months to 16 years based in Milton Keynes.

We are a modern, forward-thinking school, with a culture of kindness who value inclusiveness and are committed to delivering a first-class individualised learning experience that drives personal development and growth within each stage of the Webber journey.  

Pupils are encouraged to take risks, challenge themselves and gain the confidence and skills that will enable them to excel in later life.  Above all else we value each child as an individual, helping create a personalised learning journey to success for each and every one of them.

One of our biggest asset is our degree qualified, subject specialist staff members who provide all that is needed for outstanding teaching and pastoral care.  Our staff know each pupil as an individual and put their happiness and welfare first.  

Every child is exposed to a wealth of opportunities, both inside and outside the classroom and supported and encouraged to try everything on offer. At the end of each phase students are ready for a seamless move to the next, whether it is to Reception Class, the Senior School, Sixth Form or university, students move armed with the skills, confidence and ability they need to continue to flourish and love learning.

Choosing Webber

We understand the importance of choosing the right school for your daughter or son and we know that everyone’s decision-making process is slightly different, which is why we’re on hand to answer any questions you may have about the admissions process, the school and how we can support your child’s future.

Some of our many features are:

  • We have smaller class sizes with a high pupil to adult ratio that enables more individual attention and personalised learning.
  • Our degree qualified staff will care for your child’s welfare, not just for their academic success.
  • We teach respect for others, moral values and good manners.
  • There are extensive before and after school clubs and activities, with numerous trips, educational visits and residential stays.
  • Our school has great facilities that cater for all types of sporting and social activities.
  • We encourage close parent-school relationships and are fortunate to have a very active Parents’ Association.