Two reception children enjoying a book in the library

School Life

A Lifelong Love of Learning

At The Webber Independent School, we build within our children a lifelong love of learning, which will equip and prepare them for their individual journey to success – whatever that might be!

Life at The Webber is vibrant, inclusive, and academic. Whether you decide to join us at 6 months old in The Webber Nursery, or Senior School ready to take on the GCSE examinations, we are committed to delivering a first-class individualised learning experience that drives personal development and growth within each stage of the Webber journey.

We are a family with a culture of kindness. At Webber we value inclusiveness, learning from each other’s experiences, backgrounds, and cultures. We understand that the Webber journey may stop and start at different stages, so we want to ensure that we create a warm and welcoming environment that allows each child to strive for success and be their best self.

We promise to Achieve Excellence Together. Our partnership with our parents and students is of the utmost importance to us because we believe that this is the true recipe for success. We aim to provide our young people with new challenges and opportunities to help guide them on their journey so that we can celebrate their success together.

Life at Webber ignites passions, uncovers hidden talents, and prepares our students for their individual journey through life.

Achieving Excellence Together

We understand the importance of choosing the right school for your child and we know that everyone’s decision-making process is slightly different, which is why we’re on hand to answer any questions you may have about the admissions process, the School, and how we can support your child’s future.

We place a high value on building strong and inclusive teacher and parent partnerships and that starts from the very beginning of our relationship with you. We have many ways that we invest in parental and student engagement, which include regular reporting and communications. We actively encourage our parents to be involved in school life and all new parents are invited to join our Parent Group, FOWIS, where you can meet other parents or get involved with fundraising. However, there’s no pressure to participate and you are welcome to be involved to whatever extent suits you.

In addition to regular newsletters and personalised form tutor update emails, we offer an online parent and student portal. We also hold up to six Parents’ Evenings a year, at which we provide regular progress reviews of your son or daughter’s performance and information about a wide range of topics to maximise your child’s learning experience. We will provide an academic gap analysis and an action plan, which includes SMART targets and you will have the opportunity to discuss any aspects of your child’s education with us.