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Alumni Student and Proud Navy Recruite Jaydie, 

Alumni student, Jaydie, paid a visit to our Headmistress, Mrs. Marsden, to discuss the amazing achievements made since graduating from The Webber in May 2021.

Jaydie joined The Webber in Year 5 and continued her education right through to GCSEs where her high grades secured a place at Milton Keynes College where she completed a Level 3 course in Uniform and Protective Services. 

This young entrepreneur then applied to the Royal Navy and started basic training the following January at HMS Raleigh in Plymouth. 

We asked Jaydie what she took from The Webber to make her experience the best it could be, she told us: “I took skills such as having general respect for everyone and making good first impressions, which is encouraged right from the beginning at Webber regardless of what year you are in. I have always been a shy person but there are many things that helped me with that and my confidence building that teachers and my friends at Webber encouraged.”

Jaydie was thrilled to continue on to a Seamanship course further developing her knowledge of the Navy’s ships, in particular the ones she will have the honor of working on in such an exciting position. 

Since April, Jaydie’s training has been predominantly theory-based at Collingwood Portsmouth Marina, as she currently awaits placement to begin on The Warfare Specialist Radar Systems course.

Jaydie hopes by 2024 to complete the course upon The Type 45 Destroyer ship, which she has been assigned.

Navy recruit, Jaydie, told us “I really enjoy the regimented routine and meeting new people. There were originally 33 people in my class which was a lot of new people to meet and work with but very quickly we became close like brothers and sisters. It’s the best experience I’ve ever been through.”

She assures us all, that this is just the beginning of her career with The Royal Navy as she follows in her family’s footsteps as her ancestor, Jonathan, was also an Officer in the Royal Navy in 1820. 

As part of her training, Jaydie and her 33 classmates, had to partake in an expedition where she had to camp with her team in awful weather conditions whilst carrying the bergen (that weighs in excess of 100 lb). 

We look forward to continuing to hear how Jaydie achieves excellence in her chosen career. 

Webber student in Navy uniform under the excellence wall
Proud Webber Alumni Student, Jaydie, in Navy Uniform