With a Webber Scholarship

Scholarships are available for students that show outstanding achievement and
potential in their area of talent.

The Webber Independent is offering a limited number of Scholarships for 2020 / 2021. To be considered for a Webber Scholarship you will need to demonstrate a track record of academic excellence, or achievement of your son or daughter's particular area of talent. Scholarships are available for students from Year 6 to Year 11, and depending on the level of your son or daughter's academic strength and talent, we may award up to a 50% Scholarship.

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Below you’ll find details of the application process and minimum entry requirements.


1. Arrange to visit us

Firstly, we would always recommend that you make an appointment to visit us, this gives us both the opportunity to find out a bit more about each other.

2. Application Form

You’ll need to complete an application form, provide evidence of predicted grades or evidence of achievement in the chosen Scholarship area, and provide the last two full academic reports.

3. Assessment / Taster Experience

If your initial application is successful, you’ll be invited to an Assessment / Taster experience that takes place over two days. Your son or daughter will complete the Cognitive Ability Test (CAT 4), an online multiple choice style verbal and non-verbal reasoning test, attend an interview with the Headmistress, and take part in lessons with their peer group.

4. Decision Process

The Headmistress will review the outcomes of the assessment, your son or daughter’s personal statement, predicted results, a reference from your child’s current school and any other supporting material before making our final decision.

5. Offer

If successful, a provisional offer is made in writing, pending receipt of any final reports or paperwork. Once a formal offer is accepted and the Admissions Form received and acknowledged, a start date is confirmed and place is guaranteed. Offers are usually valid for a period of four weeks.

Qualifying Criteria

For Year 10 entry we review past academic performance, reports and school references, and require a minimum of five predicted GCSEs at C grades or higher including English Language and Mathematics.

Below you'll find more detail on the types of scholarships that we offer. Should you require further information, our Admissions Team is on hand to answer any questions that you may have.

We look forward to meeting you and your son or daughter.


We offer Academic Scholarships for exceptional young people that excel above the National average and are significantly higher than the current cohort in our top sets.


Music Scholarships are awarded on the basis of an audition and interview. Applicants are required to prepare two contrasting pieces; one may be on a second instrument. The ability to sing will be taken into consideration and applicants should prepare one song for the audition.

Your son or daughter should also bring a portfolio of achievements and a letter of reference from their current Head of Music or instrumental teacher. Applicants will also be given aural and sight reading tests. There is the expectation that students will have taken national Music Grade Examinations. Candidates usually offer two instruments: Year 6+ entrants at Grade 3; Year 9 entrants at Grade 5 or higher.


Art Scholarships are awarded on the basis of their standard of work. Applicants are required to bring their portfolio of work to their interview. The Head of Art will discuss their work and expect your son or daughter to use appropriate terminology, demonstrate their passion and enthusiasm for their subject.

Art applications are required to produce a timed still life drawing and to complete a written paper.


Drama Scholarships are awarded based on the performance of your son or daughter. Applicants will be required to perform a solo piece of their choosing for the duration of one minute, which can be from any genres. Each applicant will be presented with an unseen piece of text and asked to deliver a ‘read’ performance. There will also be an improvisation assessment within a group. Students will be asked to explain the reasons why they chose their piece, their inspiration and aspirations. Your son or daughter will be expected to demonstrate a strong appreciation of theatre outside of the school context, and students may have taken National Drama Examinations.

Students will be interviewed and asked to provide evidence of work they have completed for a production in any area of technical theatre. Evidence should include notes, diagrams and audio visual recordings. Applicants will also be expected to demonstrate commitment to working backstage and being part of a team.


Sport Scholarships are awarded on the basis of exceptional all round sporting ability, which usually includes representation at club / county level or above.

Your son or daughter will be invited for a practical assessment and interview with the Head of PE. Additional reports from team coaches are also taken into consideration and a portfolio of Sporting Excellence will be required.

Dance applicants will be interviewed and asked to demonstrate excellence in their preferred area of dance. Candidates are required to prepare a dance to perform to the assessor. Your son or daughter must bring a portfolio of their dance experience and achievements and be prepared to discuss this during an interview. Students may also have taken National Dance or Sporting qualifications.

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