Years 3 to 6

As your Son or Daughter progresses through our Junior School our small class sizes and personalised learning ensure that everyone has the necessary time and attention to flourish. We continue your child’s education with Key Stage 2 of the National Curriculum, and our Stage not Age Programme – where we ensure your son or daughter is challenged and is encouraged to achieve their best.

Throughout your child’s time in the Junior School we focus on nurturing their academic excellence and preparing them for a smooth transition into Senior School.

We achieve this through delivering a rich learning experience with subject specialist teaching, which includes, Physical Education, Music, Computer Science, French and Spanish. Additionally, we enrich the curriculum with residential trips and educational workshops, bringing learning to life with external specialists.

Years 3 to 6 are crucial growth years; we support our students through these important learning years with a balanced approach to academic learning, underpinned with emotional health and well-being support. Our Pastoral Care Team and teachers are trained to provide the right help and guidance, ensuring a successful and happy School Life. We also run over 50 extra-curricular activities including Mindfulness and Yoga.

Our seamless through school experience delivers a calm and consistent approach to learning, easing the transition stage from Junior to Senior School.

For further information about Our Prep School, or to arrange a visit, please feel free to contact our Admissions Team on 01908 574740, or via our Contact Us.