Don’t Just Take Our Word For It, See What The Inspectors Say

We’re committed to providing the very best educational experience for our young people; it’s rewarding to have an independent body agree we’ve got it right. We’re very proud of our performance, and the dedication of everyone at The Webber Independent. Below you can read the outcomes of our Focused Compliance and Educational Quality Inspection Report 2020.

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School Inspection Reports

In our whole-school Focused Compliance and Educational Quality Inspection we were awarded the grade of “EXCELLENT” in all areas.

This is the highest grade a school can be awarded under the ISI Inspection scheme. ISI Inspectors operate under the Ofsted framework, approved by the Department for Education.

Please find the full report to download here:




ISI Inspection Report 2020


Key findings summarise that:

  • "Nationally standardised test data provided by the school indicate that the ability of the pupils is above average...results in GCSE examinations for pupils at the end of Year 11 have been above the national average and pupils make good progress."
  • "At the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), children attain above expected outcomes in their Early Learning Goals."
  • "Pupils demonstrate excellent attitudes to learning. They are positive thinkers who believe in themselves due to the confidence instilled in them as individuals."
  • "In mathematics, pupils confidently tackled complex problems with openminded eagerness. Pupils embrace every opportunity and are keen to take ownership of their learning."
  • "Pupils are eager to achieve and are motivated to get on with the task in hand, with junior school pupils describing how their imagination bursts as they try to get their ideas on paper."
  • "The desire of pupils to contribute to the whole school community is strong. It is inculcated in who they are, naturally done and inherent in the everyday life of the school due to pupils feeling a true sense of belonging."
  • "The spiritual understanding of pupils is excellent. Pupils are particularly thoughtful and reflective about their community due to a culture of absolute acceptance and the expectation that everyone celebrates everyone else’s faiths."
  • "Pupils stated that the ‘You Are Awesome Club’ is brilliant as it has given them strategies to cope in stressful situations or when things go wrong"

ISI Inspection Report 2017



ISI Inspection Report 2017


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