A Personalised and Progressive National Curriculum

Our focus is to provide an enhanced and personalised learning experience to our GCSE students, supporting their studies so they can achieve their future ambitions. We offer a wide range of subjects to study at GCSE level, with strength in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths, Foreign Languages and Business & Enterprise. Our young people greatly benefit from our Study Skills Programme, Booster Classes, One-to-One Interview and Career Coaching. 

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A phrase you'll hear our students use quite frequently is...what have you done today to make you feel proud? A simple question that captures the very spirit of our positive educational environment.

As educators we have proud moments every day but we're particularly proud of our students' academic performance. In 2019, 93% of our Year 11 pupils achieved Grade 4 and above. We believe that our personalised approach to learning, our Study Skills Programme, and access to resources and enrichment activities, provide the right environment for our young people to flourish.

The Webber Team will do all they can to assist students transitioning from Year 9 to Year 10, supporting the important decision process around subject selection. We use Cambridge Online Assessments and one-to-one interviews to help focus our young people’s choices around their strengths and talents.

We offer a diverse range of GCSE subjects, and have a track record of strong performance in the highly academic subjects of English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Geography, History, Business, Spanish, German, French, Latin, Art, Music and Physical Education.

Our GCSE offering requires the selection of nine subjects, which must include Maths, English Language and English Literature. We do provide flexibility and cater to different levels of ability and talent; for example, some students may decide to take early entry GCSE Mathematics (in Year 10) - providing the opportunity to study Further Mathematics in Year 11), in preparation for study at A-levels.

For further details on our GCSE subjects, you can request a copy of our GCSE Options Booklet from our Admissions Team.



Our priority is making sure that all of our GCSE students have the right support and attention. That's why we offer GCSE Booster Classes, at no additional cost, during lunchtime and after school. 


Preparing our students with the skills and mindset for the modern workplace is one of our top priorities. We have developed a robust Business & Enterprise programme that includes access to TED Talks, Career Fairs, Business Conferences and workplace visits, in addition to a one week Work Experience Placement.

We further support our young people through the development of their Curriculum Vitae and Letters of Application, as well as honing their interview skills. We have a number of clubs and societies that help build leadership and business skills, including the Entrepreneur's Club, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and The Army Cadet Force.


Our Study Skills Programme is designed to give students the confidence required to do well in their GCSEs. Our programme focuses on providing our young people with the skills and tools to aid with exam revision, which includes the development of mindset and well-being habits. Additionally, we provide a personalised Gap Analysis with detailed feedback following the Mock Examinations, giving all of our students guidance on where to apply their focus.

Our team is here to make sure your son or daughter is well looked after and supported to achieve the best possible exam outcomes.


Each year we offer a limited number of scholarships to students who demonstrate academic, sporting or artistic excellence. For further information please see our Scholarships page.

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