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In 2017, Kiki was awarded the very prestigious Varkey Award for Attitude towards Learning, and living the GEMS Education Values

Kiki impressed the judges through her approach to continuous improvement of her academic work, in addition to displaying and living the core values of respect and kindness. Her ability to listen and act on feedback was recognised as a key strength. We are very proud of Kiki's independent and responsible approach to her learning.

We caught up with Kiki to find out what happens in a typical school day.

What's the best part about your morning lessons?

I really like Phonics. I get to learn how sounds form and this really helps improve my writing. I love writing stories.

What do you do on your morning break?

I really love to play outside - when it's not raining, of course!

What's your favourite lesson?

I like them all, I like Spanish and writing and PE. I really like to draw too.

When it's lunchtime where do you eat?

We eat in the canteen with Miss Duff, and we all sit together to eat our lunch. I really like to eat with my friends and there is something different to eat every day.

What to do get up to in your afternoon lessons?

Well, there are different things to learn each day. Sometimes we use the iPad to create comic books, taking pictures and writing stories and captions. Other times we do gymnastics, and climbing or other sports - it's nice when we can go outside and play. I learn about things that happened a long time ago, and also we have music lessons.

Do you play any musical instruments?

I play the violin at lunchtime - it is hard but I really enjoy it and I am getting much better now.

What's the best thing about Webber?

My friends, my teachers, all of my different lessons - and the play area. 

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