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Preparing Your Child for Reception: A Parent’s Guide

Posted: 22nd March 2024

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Preparing Your Child for Reception: A Parent’s Guide

Starting reception is a significant milestone in a child’s life which can evoke a mixture of excitement and nervousness. However, with careful preparation and support, this transition can be smooth and enjoyable for everyone involved. Here are some practical things you can do at home to prepare your child for the beginning of their school journey in reception.


Establishing a Routine

One of the key elements in preparing your child for reception is establishing a consistent daily routine. This includes regular wake-up times, meal times, and bedtime routines. By having a structured schedule in place, children can feel more secure and prepared for the routines they will encounter at school.


Encouraging Independence

Reception is a time when children begin to develop their independence. Encourage your child to practice simple tasks on their own, such as:

  • Dressing themselves, including putting on coats and shoes
  • Using the bathroom independently
  • Tidying up after themselves
  • Using a knife and fork

Building these skills will help your child feel more confident and capable when they start school.


Fostering Social Skills

Social interaction is a crucial element of a child’s experience in reception. Help your child develop their social skills by arranging playdates with other children, encouraging sharing and taking turns, and discussing the importance of kindness and empathy. These interactions will prepare your child for building positive relationships with their peers and teachers at school.


Introducing School Concepts

Familiarise your child with basic school concepts to ease their transition into reception. This can include talking about the school day routine, such as assembly, circle time, and playtime. Additionally, read books about starting school and engage in pretend play where your child takes on the role of a student or teacher.

Here are some book ideas:

  • First Day at Bug School by Sam Lloyd
  • Jellybean Goes to School by Margaret Roc
  • My First Day by Leilani Sparrow


Visit the School

Arrange a visit to the school before your child starts reception, if possible. This can help familiarise them with the environment and alleviate any anxiety they may have about the unknown. 

At The Webber Independent School, our team of highly skilled educators hold a real passion for learning and have created a wonderful nurturing environment where children feel safe and secure. Regular interaction between children in reception and older year groups with events and transition days allows our youngest children to feel part of the warm and welcoming Webber Family. We hold strong communication with parents and students and pride ourselves on the seamless transition our children have when moving from Nursery to ‘Big School’. 


Talk about school

Mention the topic of school in everyday conversation. Ask your child how they feel about starting school and encourage them to talk about things they are looking forward to and things they may be worried about. Maintain a positive attitude when discussing school with your child. Emphasise the exciting opportunities and fun experiences they will have, rather than focusing on any anxieties or worries. 


Discover Reception at The Webber Independent School 

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It is the perfect way to understand our academic approach, focus on life and employability skills, and understand how we develop a growth mindset. Please get in touch with Sandra Murchison our Registrar on 01908 574740  email  or complete the Open Event contact form HERE

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