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Posted: 15th January 2024

FAQ’s The Webber Independent School


What is the age range at your school?

At The Webber Independent School, we begin a learning journey for children from 6 months old.

Children can join us at 6 months in the nursery and remain until age 16 in our Senior School.


How many forms does your school have?

The Junior school has one form per year and the Senior school holds two form groups per year.


What curriculum does your school follow?

We follow The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and offer a diverse range of GCSE subjects with a track record of strong performance.


Does your school follow the national curriculum?

Our GCSE offering requires the selection of nine subjects, which must include Maths, English Language, and English Literature. We provide flexibility and cater to different levels of ability and talent; for example, some students may decide to take early entry GCSE first language or Mathematics (in Year 10) – providing the opportunity to study Further Mathematics in Year 11), in preparation for study at A-levels and beyond.

At The Webber Nursery, we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum and ensure that each phase of your child’s learning is extended through wider experiences both inside and outside of the classroom.


What does it prioritise?

We place great emphasis on health and wellbeing for all children in our care and from a young age, there is a focus on the importance of healthy minds and healthy bodies.

A continuous and seamless curriculum for our youngest children through to our preschool-age pupils ensures that we provide the best possible start for your child, nurturing their individual talents, sparking their curiosity, and igniting a lifelong love of learning. Read more about our priorities, aims and values HERE.


What are the differences between a state school and an independent school?

State schools are funded by the government and there are no fees for pupils to attend. Independent schools are privately funded and charge tuition fees, which vary for each institution. Schools in the independent sector do not have to adhere to the standardised national curriculum but are still subject to standards dictated by inspecting bodies. Schools in the state sector must follow the national curriculum more strictly, leaving less room for personalised and niche learning when compared to independent schools.


What are the costs?

Our fees are inclusive of a wide range of extra-curricular activities where most are included in the termly school fees. We also provide examination booster classes at no extra cost. Lunch meals are also included.

From £3,660 per term Fees Booklet HERE.


Are there any scholarships or financial aid available?

A limited number of Scholarships for 2023/2024 are available for students who show outstanding achievement and potential in their areas of talent. To be considered for a Webber Scholarship your child should demonstrate a track record of academic excellence, or achievement in your son or daughter’s particular area of talent. Scholarships are available for students from Year 6 to Year 11 and depending on the level of your son or daughter’s academic strength and talent, we may award up to a 50% Scholarship.

We offer an interest-free monthly payment scheme, which can allow for easier budgeting and help make payments more manageable for parents.  The fees for each term can be split into three equal instalments and paid during the first three months of the term.

We are pleased to offer a sibling discount:

10% discount when your second child attends

15% discount when your third child attends


What are the school hours?

Core Hours 8:30 am to 4:00 pm

Breakfast Club 7.30

After school club times until 6 pm


What is the admission process?

Here at The Webber Independent School, we aim for a smooth and informative admissions process.

1. Arrange a visit
Our Senior Leadership Team are always happy to meet with parents to talk about their child and their application to The Webber. We are delighted to be able to offer slots available throughout the school day and after school. To arrange a visit please complete the Enquiry Form or call our friendly Registrar: 01908 574740 or email:

2. Arrange a Taster and Assessment Visit
The next step is for your child to visit the school for two days. At this stage, we require a non-refundable fee of £250 for UK residents and £300 for International Students, details of this fee can be found in our School Fees Booklet or the Admissions Process Booklet. You will be sent an Application Pack to complete and return to the Registrar. The Taster/Assessment days will then be confirmed by the Registrar for a mutually convenient date.

Your child (Year 3 and above) will complete an online multiple-choice style verbal and non-verbal reasoning assessment. For Reception and Years 1 and 2, the class teacher will complete a series of informal written and verbal assessments. At this stage, we will request a reference from your child’s previous school.

3. Offer
If successful a provisional offer is made in writing, pending receipt of a written reference from your child’s current school, the completed admissions forms, and the general refundable deposit of £1000*. Once a formal offer is made and accepted, a start date is confirmed and a place is guaranteed. Offers are usually valid for a period of two weeks.

The Admissions Team is on hand throughout the process to answer any questions you may have or provide you with further information. We look forward to meeting you and your child.

The Admissions Team is on hand throughout the process to answer any questions you may have or provide you with further information. We look forward to meeting you and your child.


Can pupils join at any time of year?

Many pupils join in September and January as natural entry points, however, pupils can join our school at any point during term time, provided there are spaces available.


Is your school only for academically gifted pupils?

No, we cater to a diverse range of pupils with various abilities, interests, and strengths.


Does your school have any religious affiliations?

No, we are a non-religious school and welcome students from diverse religious backgrounds.


What are the class sizes?

Pupils benefit greatly from our small class sizes which are typically 20 per class. (This varies for nursery 12 Little Explorers, 20 Little Adventurers, and 24 for Little Learners).


What facilities does your school have?

  • Astroturf, Sports Hall, Rock Wall, Jungle Gym, Basket Ball, Science Labs, IT suite.
  • Swimming, Forest School and Linford Wood,
  • Chromebooks


 What extracurricular activities are on offer?

We enrich the experience of our pupils through a vast array of extracurricular activities and opportunities. By offering our pupils a broad range of extracurricular activities to participate in, they are able to discover and develop interests, make new friends, and broaden their horizons;

* Art, Performing Arts, Creativity and Music

* Well-being, positive mental health, and healthy choices

* Sports for School Teams, fitness and fun

* GCSE Booster classes in all subjects

* IT and Digital Literacy

* Green, Science, and Eco themed Clubs

* Languages, communication, reading and debate

* Leadership and mentoring opportunities

* Finance and Entrepreneurship

* Army Cadets and Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

* Just for fun clubs!


How do you support students with special needs?

To discuss how best we might support your child please speak to our Headmistress, Mrs Hilary Marsden and SENDCO lead Mr Jeacocks HERE.


How will the school communicate with me?

Effective communication between parents and teachers is paramount for pupils to get the best possible outcomes.

Every term our students/parents will receive up-to-date information regarding their learning journey, this includes Parents Evenings and GL reports, approximately 4 or 5 times an academic year.


Is boarding available?

No, we operate as a day school and do not offer boarding options.


How do I contact the school?

The Webber Independent School

Soskin Drive

Stantonbury Fields

Milton Keynes

MK14 6DP

01908 574740


Find out more

The best way to answer any questions you may have is to visit our school. We would be delighted to welcome you into school for a tour and meeting with our Headmistress, Mrs Hilary Marsden. To book please contact Sandra Murchison our Registrar on 01908 574740, email

Or submit an enquiry HERE and our Registrar will get back to you at the earliest convenience.

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This June, we are offering free Mini Taster Sessions. We also have a Meet the Teacher event on June 10th, from 4pm – 5pm for both parents and students. Speak directly with our admissions registrar Ms. Sandra Murchinson on or 01908 574740 to book your place or click here