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Posted: 22nd July 2022

We are very lucky to have such an engaged and involved parent community here at Webber! FOWIS (Friends Of The Webber Independent School) work extremely hard each and every year to raise funds for the School which are then spent directly on new equipment and exciting activities for our pupils.

This year alone we have been lucky enough to receive almost £4,000 from FOWIS which has been spent on the following:

Gardening Club: Mrs Lipinski was successful in her bid for new equipment for our gardening club! The new equipment has been vital for our young gardeners allowing them to get green fingered, planting a variety of flowers, fruits and vegetables. Expanding their knowledge on best gardening practise and the very important ecosystems around them!

Music Instruments: Mr Baker placed a bid for new Samba instruments which have already been well used this academic year! Our new Samba band have enjoyed practising regularly and have even performed at some of our whole school events!

Art supplies: Ms Anacortes and her art students were in need of some additional art equipment including an A3 lightbox, varnish and emulsion paints and a selection of frames to showcase our pupils fantastic artwork! Thanks to the money raised by FOWIS this new equipment has been put to great use in our art rooms giving pupils the opportunity to experiment with even more art forms than before!

Animals Workshop: Our Junior School pupils had a fantastic day when Animals About came to visit! Pupils spent a fun filled day learning all about different types of retiles and mammals. The Animals About team brought some of their ‘colleagues’ with them including a Royal Python called Monty, a Pancake Tortoise named Tuesday, an Armadillo named Tank and even a Tarantula named Rosie!

Library books: Some of the money raised by FOWIS went towards purchasing the ‘Top 50 Books To Read Before You Leave School’. Year 5 and 6 have particularly enjoyed reading so many new books!

Afterschool Provision Junior Play Equipment: Miss Duff has placed a very exciting order for some brand-new play equipment for our afterschool clubs which will be delivered over the summer holidays! We can’t wait to watch our pupils have even more fun during afterschool provisions as they put the new play equipment to good use!

Chess Club: Our Chess Club were fortunate enough to received brand new chess boards from the funds raised by FOWIS! They have been enjoyed by our chess club and even encouraged some new members to have a go at this challenging strategy game!

FOWIS organise several events throughout the year to raise money for the School including discos, movie nights and the second-hand uniform shop! The hard work they put in to making each and every one of these events a success is greatly appreciated, and our pupils reap the benefits through the additional new equipment and special opportunities it provides!

If you have any donations for the second hand uniform shop please drop them off to Reception during the first 2 weeks of the Summer break.

Thank you FOWIS!

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