A modern, private educator for Children aged 6 months to 16 years based in Milton Keynes.

At Webber Independent School, we build within our children a lifelong love of learning, which will equip and prepare them for their individual journey to success – whatever that might be!

Life at Webber is vibrant, engaging, and academic. Whether you decide your child will join us at 6 months old in The Webber Nursery, or in Senior School ready to take on GCSE examinations, we are committed to delivering a first-class individualised learning experience that drives personal development and growth within each stage of the Webber journey.  

We are a family with a culture of kindness. At Webber we value inclusiveness, learning from each other’s experiences, backgrounds, and cultures. We understand that the Webber journey may stop and start at different stages, so we want to ensure that we create a warm and welcoming environment that allows each child to strive for success and be their best self.

We promise to Achieve Excellence Together and have been awarded “EXCELLENT” in all areas in our whole-school Focused Compliance and Educational Quality ISI (Independent School) Inspection in all areas. 

Life at Webber ignites passions, uncovers hidden talents, and prepares our students for their individual journey through life.


“The small class sizes mean that pupils receive quality teaching with no disruption. Teachers are able to manage a smaller group so much more effectively, resulting in quality teaching for all pupils.”

Current Year 5 Parent

“Pupils communicate extremely well. They are articulate, thoughtful and able to expand on their reflections when challenged by their teachers and peers.”

Independent Schools Inspectorate

“Each student is individually supported both academically and personally, without ever losing sight of how they interact & affect others around them. They are being prepared for life outside of education too.”

Current Year 11 Student

“Pupils take great pride in their work and are extremely well-organised. This was strongly evident within work scrutiny and pupil interviews where pupils spoke with great satisfaction and excitement about their learning.”

Independent Schools Inspectorate

“We love how The Webber offers individualised learning. Teachers know each child well and are able to focus on their strengths and weaknesses to help them to reach their full potential.”

Current Year 9 Parent

“Pupils demonstrate excellent attitudes to learning. They are positive thinkers who believe in themselves due to the confidence instilled in them as individuals.”

Independent Schools Inspectorate
Beyond The Classroom

Beyond The Classroom

We are committed to delivering an educational experience that drives personal development and growth, and that means getting out of the classroom and experiencing the world. Life at The Webber is interesting and stimulating, and throughout each year our students test their skills in sporting tournaments and inter-school fixtures; experience exhibitions and seminars, visit theatres, museums and galleries as well as taking part in musical performances. Additionally, our young people are able to take part in cultural and language day trips as well as UK and overseas residentials. Experience Life at Webber through booking a School Tour, followed by a Taster Day.
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Webber News

Webber News

Keep up to date with our latest news, charity events, sporting victories, students’ successes and Real-World Learning. Further updates can be found on our and social media channels.
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Recently Awarded Excellent In All Areas

Recently Awarded Excellent In All Areas

We are delighted that following our latest ISI Inspection we were awarded the grade of EXCELLENT in all areas. This is the highest grade a school can be awarded under the ISI Inspection scheme. ISI Inspectors operate under the Ofsted framework, approved by the Department for Education. You can read our latest report on our Inspection Reports page.
Inspection Reports