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After the announcement of school closures on the 23 March 2020 by the UK Government, Webber Independent School staff and pupils have been working hard to continue the ‘Webber way of life’ – but online!

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What is Virtual Webber School?

Virtual Webber uniquely offers each pupil from Reception right through to Year 11 a full daily timetable jam packed full of their regular curriculum and activities. We have worked hard as a school to adapt and transfer our wide and varied curriculum into virtual Google Classrooms. This includes ALL of our subjects including PE, Art, Music, IT, Modern Foreign Languages!

Our pupils are provided with virtual face to face live video teaching and learning from their teachers, which includes verbal and written feedback on children's work using Google Classroom and Google Hangouts. This also allows us to continue assessments, allowing children to continue to make good progress.

We understand that with all this virtual learning and screen time, there needs to be a healthy balance of on-screen and off-screen tasks and activities to ensure that children receive regular breaks. With this in mind, we set daily activities and challenges that focus on the pupil’s wellbeing. This includes fun PE lessons, fitness, yoga and mindfulness activities and challenges. We have also allocated time for one to one check-ins with each individual, alongside virtual face to face Personal, Social and Health Lessons.

After so much change to our pupils’ daily lives, we want to create a sense of ‘business as usual’ as much as we possibly can. This includes scheduling and holding assemblies for all of our pupils as well as allocating pastoral tutor time twice a day.

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What do our pupils think of Virtual Webber?

"I love Virtual Webber because it will make you better with technology, make you well organised and it gives you a responsibility to submit your work and make sure your laptop/pad or phone is charged up."

- Oscar, Year 5

"The Webber Independent School has provided us with an excellent online learning experience for us to continue learning in our GCSE years. The easily accessible links to each classroom has allowed us to experience virtual classes with our teachers and fellow classmates, making sure that we are continuing to progress with work and have the access to ask teachers questions when needed. The consideration of screen time has meant that work is varied from computer tasks to exercise work and the introduction of 5 minute breaks between lessons so as students we can have time to prepare."

- Samantha, Year 10