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Headmistress’ Blog: Our Culture of Kindness

20 November 2020

Welcome to the first of our new fortnightly whole school newsletters to keep you updated on all the fantastic learning experiences, achievements, fun and challenges that children across the whole school from Little Learners in our Nursery to our Year 11 GCSE students have been working on.

Twice a month we will take this opportunity to share the highlights of each section of the school and focus on a topic or theme that we would like to share with the whole Webber Family written by staff, children and parents.

Over the last year more than ever I have been reminded each day what a unique and wonderful learning community the Webber Independent School is. We talk about being part of the Webber Family and during the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic we have all genuinely felt that support and care as we reached out through Virtual Webber in to your homes and we are so grateful for the fantastic on-going support and parental engagement we receive to build a strong learning partnership around our children to ensure their continuing wellbeing and academic progress.

Our theme for this edition is ‘Our Culture of Kindness’ which gives expression to one of our newly reviewed Core Values which came out of the process of the recent Vision, Mission and Aims Focus Groups and Review. More of that in our next edition.

Around me in school just today I have witnessed many small but important acts of kindness.

·         The Year 10 students who stopped to help up another child student who had tripped on the stairs and dropped all their books and pencil cases, asking ‘Are you Ok?’

  • The nursery child who offered to give her reward sticker to her friend who was upset as his has fallen off his jumper and was lost
  • The colleague who comes in early each morning and puts on the real coffee machine in the staffroom so others can enjoy that first important cup of the day when they get in
  • The Teaching Assistant who offered to do the extra duty to cover for a colleague who was feeling under the weather
  • The parents who donated their school discount to the Covid Hardship Fund to support other parents who have been adversely affected by the financial repercussions of the pandemic
  • Our Reception children playing at lunchtime using their kind words and kind hands with their friends.
  • The  lovely email from a parent thanking a subject teacher for taking extra time after school to sit one to one and help their child build up their confidence in Maths
  • The  Year 6 children who happily offered to give up their outside playtime  to sit and chat to welcome a new virtual taster day student and have their online snack together with them
  • The morning pastoral ‘check in’ from the Form Tutors with a smile and an encouraging chat to get each student’s day off to a positive and caring start
  • The Culture of Kindness is woven into the very fabric of Webber, each individual a thread that contributes to the warp and weft and creates the synergy and strength of the whole.
  • Our featured articles in this issue continue the Culture of Kindness theme focusing on how through our recent charity fundraising learning and activities for the Harvest Food Cupboard, Children In Need and The Poppy Appeal as a learning community we are reaching out to the wider local and national community by asking those key questions “What can I do? How can I help?”

We also very importantly across the whole school this week we have been focusing on Anti-Bullying Week and the key message that we are all have our part to play in ensuring Webber is a school where bullying in all its forms is not tolerated, is called out and that with adults and children working together, is less likely to happen.

Particularly in our current climate more and more we are all reviewing what is important to us.

                      ‘Happiness is the new rich.

                       Inner peace is the new success.

                       Health is the new wealth.

                       Kindness is the new cool.’

                       Syed Balkhi : Random Acts of Kindness Foundation


In which case I am delighted to say that Webber is a really Cool School!

I hope you enjoy this issue and please do share your feedback with me.

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  • Headmistress’ Blog: Our Culture of Kindness
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    Headmistress’ Blog: Our Culture of Kindness

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    Welcome to the first of our new fortnightly whole school newsletters to keep you updated on all the fantastic learning experiences, achievements, fun ...